English – M.a.i – Israel Electronics Recycling Corporation Ltd.

M.A.I Recycling of Electronic Waste and Batteries

M.A.I - Israel Electronics Recycling Corporation Ltd.

  • M.A.I had received a compliance scheme license from the government on January 2014.
  • The Israeli law has been enforced since March 1st 2014
  • 85% of the producers signed with a compliance scheme
  • M.A.I is collecting e-waste at a growing pace reaching 1,000 tons per month and increasing
  • M.A.I serves ~90% of the B2B e-waste collection

The Israeli WEEE Regulation Main Principles 

  • Only licensed and regulated companies are allowed to collect e-Waste a “Compliance Scheme”.
  • Recycling goals stand at 15% of local sales starting in 2014, increasing yearly by 5%, up to 50% in 2021
  • A non-domestic WEEE holder must transfer it to a compliance scheme free of charge
  • EEE and battery retailers are obliged to accept e-Waste from clients when selling or supplying a new product and transfer it to a compliance scheme - (a Take Back System)

The Israeli e-Waste Recycling Corporation operated by the Environmental Treatment of Electrical and Electronic Equipment and Batteries Law, 5772-2012 Read English translated legislation

MAI is a member of the European WeeeLogic Network


The WEEElogic network consists of national take back schemes, treatment and recycling operators, logistics and asset management companies, and a consulting company. With this WEEElogic ensures full compliance all across Europe for WEEE, batteries, and packaging. For major European markets notably, WEEElogic has selected dedicated, exclusive partners.

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